AuditRate® – The no-cost way to put an end to insurance premium overpayments.

The AuditRate Team focuses on three troublesome areas:

  1. Experience Modifier Score (MOD) - Your MOD is based off prior payroll and loss data and is used to help set your workers’ compensation premiums.
  2. Payroll Exclusions - Payroll expense drives your workers’ comp premium – the higher your total payroll, the higher your premium. By law, you are allowed exclusions.
  3. Classification Errors - The NCCI, and other independent jurisdictions, use nearly 600 unique class codes to differentiate between job duties. These codes are then used to set your premium rates.

Just as often as the AuditRate Team finds errors in these three areas, they also correct many clerical errors. The double entry of a claim or wrong placement of a comma in payroll expenses are just two examples of the minor clerical errors that can cause major premium rate hikes.


Alper’s AuditRate puts an end to general liability and workers’ comp premium overpayments. Through an exhaustive review of policy underpinnings, AuditRate identifies and fixes errors that carriers and other brokers miss — or mistakenly create. In addition to correcting future premiums for the life of the policy, in many cases an AuditRate review will result in significant refund from carriers for past premium overpayments.

Opportunity for Savings
At least 40% of all insurance policies are based on incorrect assessments of your risk. Gone unnoticed, these errors compound as you continue to make larger-than-necessary annual premium payments. Since correcting these errors results in reduced premiums, neither the carrier nor your insurance broker is incentivized to find or correct them.

Little-Known Truth
What is not commonly known is that if you identify and document these errors, insurance carriers will refund over-paid premium dollars, and recalculate your premiums moving forward. To tackle this, you need an objective partner with a deep working knowledge of the intricacies of the classification system and the tenacity to advocate on your behalf with the carriers.

How it Works
Our AuditRate cost-reduction experts review your policies to: 1) find errors in your policy calculations, 2) quantify past premium overpayments, 3) petition your carrier(s) to make required corrections and 4) advocate for a full refund of your prior overpayments. We only get paid (50% of your total refund and first-year premium savings) after you receive a refund/reduced premium. An added benefit of our work is that it serves to reduce your future insurance costs for the duration of your policy, or until your risks change.


John Przybylski
AuditRate Consultant

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