"A goal without a plan is just a wish." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
You do the wishing. We’ll do the planning.

Protect The Successful Future Of Your Business

Prudent planning is essential to protect the successful future of your business. Our Financial Services Team of Experts will listen to you, ask the questions that must be answered, analyze and help you understand your needs and will design new plans - and review and update existing plans - to better secure the future.

Recruit & Retain Top Talent‎‎s

Your business will thrive only if you successfully recruit and retain the best employees. Executive Bonus Plans and Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans serve as both 'golden parachutes' and 'golden handcuffs' to best serve the security interests of your key employees, their families and your business.

  • Executive Bonus Plans (EBPs) empower you to provide valued employees with death ‎protection for their families and / or lucrative retirement income. By paying the premiums for EBP life insurance policies as taxable bonuses and tax-deductible business expenses, cash values accumulate and the disbursements, be they as retirement payments or death benefits, are tax-free.
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans (NQDCPs) provide highly compensated employees the opportunity to save in excess of Qualified Plans' limitations via life insurance and other funding mechanisms. NQDCPs can strongly supplement your employees' benefit packages.

Create A Business Succession Plan

  • Buy-Sell Agreements allow owners to plan for future events that may impact their ability to meet the long-term financial goals of your business. A properly designed and funded Buy-Sell Agreement is an essential planning device that enhances the financial stability and value of a closely-held firm. The Agreement ensures that a business can continue after the death of an owner; life insurance funding of the Agreement provides the cash to keep control of the business as the owners desire.
  • Key Person Insurance on the lives of your most essential people can be a cost-effective means of providing necessary funding to help your firm endure and recover from the death of someone who is critical to your success. Key Person coverage can eliminate potential losses from lost profits, lost customers, management disruptions, credit impairment as well as recruitment and retraining expenses.
Let us help you with your Financial Services needs.