"A good decision is based on knowledge and not just numbers." -Plato
Our Team of Experts will reduce your Total Cost of Risk...not just your premiums.

Protect Your People

Workers’ Compensation Safety & Loss Control

Our experts know that through preparation, education and training, we can both reduce the number of claims which may occur and the severity of claims which do occur. Loss prevention and mitigation services are tailored for your business so that risks are identified and avoided and costs are reduced.

Establishing the Proper Foundation

On-Site Evaluations - We conduct a hands-on analysis of the risks faced by your staff and survey your property and operations to assess the safety of your physical assets. In addition, we can help you evaluate the costs and benefits of implementing new technologies or processes.

Loss Analysis - We review your past losses to identify trends in the causes and types of injuries.

Safety Recommendations - Based on our on-site evaluation and loss analysis, our loss control specialists present comprehensive recommendations to make your workplace safer.

Delivering Value In-Depth to Promote Better Safety and Reduce Loss

Occupational Nurse - Coordinates all resources needed for a robust Workers’ Compensation program, including occupational health clinics, Early Intervention™, transitional duty return-to-work programs and on-site training.

In-House Attorney - Provides legal insight on your leases, vendor contracts and many other arguments to recommend and maximize the transfer of risk away from you.

Certified Safety Professionals - Help educate employees to create and sustain safe working conditions through training, procedures and products.

Certified Industrial Ergonomist - Helps accurately assess your toolings, equipment and tasks in order to create procedures and an environment less prone to nagging repetitive motion injuries.

HR Specialist - Works directly with you to help establish formal employment guidelines, procedures, documentation and training.

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