"A good decision is based on knowledge and not just numbers." -Plato
Our Team of Experts will reduce your Total Cost of Risk...not just your premiums.

Reduce Your Costs


Errors in insurance policies result in you paying too much in premiums. Our forensic audit experts review current and past insurance policies to uncover and recover overcharges resulting from errors in classifications, rates, payrolls, experience and other factors. We have recovered over $24,000,000 in such overcharges!

Early Intervention

Workers’ Compensation costs rise dramatically the longer an injured employee is off work. Each day makes a big difference. Our trained nurse and legal case managers immediately identify potential high cost Workers' Compensation ‎‎claims, and then engage with all parties to effectuate faster returns to work and case closures, all targeted at lowering your costs.

Claims Management Services

Claims take valuable time and resources away from your business. Our experts work as your advocates to proactively lead and control the entire claims process, effectively increasing the predictability and lowering the costs of your claims.

Risk Management

The most successful organizations know that good risk management contributes to top line growth. Our risk analysts, safety‎, legal/contractual and insurance experts partner with your team to clearly identify, understand, measure, mitigate, transfer and help avoid exposures. We design and implement both strategies and specific tactics to lower your costs of risks, insurance premiums, both today and in the future.

Alternative Risk Financing

Traditional insurance markets are not the best fit for all businesses. Our experienced experts know how to creatively and strategically synthesize the retention, transfer, insurance and captive financing of your business exposures. We will design your program to achieve the greatest overall value and lowest overall costs to manage your risks.

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