Reserve Reduction

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management Services

To effectively manage the rising cost of Workers’ Compensation, it is no longer enough to simply manage the claims. To successfully reduce costs, you must control the entire claims process: First, we identify any potentially high-cost claims. Then, we put a plan in place to shorten the amount of time those claims are open. Finally, we work to make the overall cost of those claims more stable and predictable.

At Alper Services, our comprehensive approach to reduce the overall cost of your Workers’ Compensation claims includes the following:

  • Prompt Care for the Injured Employee and Accelerated Return to Work
  • Aggressive Management of Suspect Claims
  • Minimization of Medical Expenses by Avoiding Unnecessary Medical Treatment
  • Reducing Litigation Expenses and Settlement Costs
  • Reducing Premiums via Ongoing Reserve Monitoring and Reduction
  • Successful Closing of Stale Open Claims

What are reserves?

Reserves are the insurance carrier’s estimate of the medical and indemnity costs of a claim based upon all known factors at any given time.

Why do they need to be monitored?

Reserves which are unnecessarily high raise a business’ total incurred losses, which has a detrimental impact on its experience modification. A high experience mod means higher Workers’ Compensation premiums.

How can Alper help me reduce reserves?

Through Proactive Advocacy—Our Claims Management Team acts as a liaison between our Client, the insurance adjuster and the defense attorney, and advocates on behalf of our Client to hold the adjuster accountable for forward claims progress and swift resolution.

Through Focused Attention to Detail—Our Workers’ Compensation Claims Specialist provides our Clients with periodic written reports on their claims, which summarize the injury, management and progress of the claim, as well as the total amounts paid and reserved. She is in regular contact with each adjuster to monitor all claims to determine any special needs, including surveillance, IME, peer review, or the assignment of a field nurse.

Through Procedural Change—Our Claims Attorney is a resource to assist you in understanding the complex Workers’ Compensation laws and regulations from state-to-state. We help our Clients minimize the impact of Workers’ Compensation costs to their bottom line by drafting and implementing company-wide policies on modified duty, on utilizing FMLA, and on protecting themselves from potential ADA claims.

Through Education and Training—Dedicated to being proactive in avoiding workplace injuries, Alper also provides safety and loss control services, training and manuals, as well as on-site inspections for OSHA, state and federal regulation compliance.

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